Quality Circle Women

In our social structure, role of women has been placed intrinsically through her endeavors since years. Her duties and responsibilities implicit her importance, and her role clarifies her ironical situation. It take years of experience and degrees and certificate to manage the profit and loss statements. But for her irrespective of age she is expected and she heart fully manages too every finance and every responsibility merely with one happening event as marriage.

She takes it as a challenge of life and tirelessly puts efforts to match herself at best to every role. Her only expectation is a small appreciation as reward from her loved ones. But unfortunately many times the husband rushes complaining the handkerchief, child leaves creeping for the id card and the sigdi tells her story. Where over boiled milk has spoiled her cleanliness efforts.

Quality Circle Forum of India – Vadodara Chapter came up with a heartiest gratitude for her altruistic role in the society and has initiated the founding stones for Quality Circle Forum of India – Vadodara Chapter’s Women’s Wing. As rightly said if you education a man you educate an individual, if you educate a woman you educate the family hence the nation. With this thought we have stepped ahead expecting the women’s to come forward and add color to their wings. We expect women’s to join us discover their own managerial and technical skills and create an opportunity for other woman to share quality knowledge and information.

We are sure, Implementing Quality Concepts at root levels can serve more peace, love and joy in families motivating them not just to live together but love the togetherness rejoicing the work unitedly. It will add the compassion and sense of responsibility to every member of family.

We welcome you as member write us at support@qcfivadodara.com