Quality Circle HR Convention

Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) has been propagating this concept of transformation from a long time in the grass root level. We believe that working people are not merely a pair of hands; but mind, heart and spirit – all in one. Enormous transformation has taken place in the minds of people to achieve excellence. This we all see in QC presentations in State level and National level conventions.

We have seen in the conventions that the employees from shop floor or departments perform through continuous mentoring/coaching and hand holding of their line managers. The line managers inspire their inner voice to achieve excellence and develop creativity and quality. They become the change agents.

With the continuous support of HR, such change is now becoming visible. Management Leaders recognize this role of line managers and HR in creating a culture of Performance, Reformation and Transformation by employee involvement, human relations and empowerment.

Human Relations includes open communication, freedom from fear, sharing business goal and business related data and trust building.

Commendable work has been done in India in different directions by the Human Resource professionals and practitioners. Dr. Uday Pareek, Dr. T.V. Rao, Dr. Debashis Chatterjee and many other Indian HR stalwarts have shown the results of their hard work through their books and contributed perennially to the HR fraternity.

QCFI has explored the contribution of the HR fraternity and has come to an understanding that many great performances, reforms and organizational transformations steered by the HR have GONE UNNOTICED by the HR/Business community and have remained confined only within the four walls of the organizations. HR professionals do not write thesis and books to present their achievements. The entire HR Fraternity needs to know more about good and great achievements of other fellow professionals. QCFI Vadodara Chapter is providing a State Level platform to showcase & treasure all such achievements of excellence. It is possible that after this convention, we may follow it up in the National Level.On 14th July, 2018 we have successfully catered our HR Convention, 2018

Our expectations from the HR fraternity.

  • The HR fraternity/ Learning community to present their stories of real life attainments in the form of a case study. It does not matter to us whether attainment is big or small. A small step taken to develop an excellent practice is well enough. Our expectations, however, remain towards achievements “Beyond Excellence”.
  • The Case studies may include any unique practice of creativity/ innovation/system /indigenous practice that elevates or escalates people excellence and business excellence, and boosts up morale and motivates people to excel. We are keeping the windows well open. The process of mapping and the tangible improvement can be brought out.
  • The case studies are to be written within a limit of 1000 words in English and should reach us in stipulated time of the mention dates. We require one PDF document of the same matter along with one photograph (Team or team Leader). QCFI reserves the right to edit the matter if required. QCFI will publish the case study in our special souvenir/compendium.
  • From the case study submitted as mentioned above, the participating team will give a presentation (15 minutes), followed by question answer session (5 minutes). The presentations (ppt) are to be sent to QCFI on or before stipulated dates.
  • Participating teams will be awarded trophies.

To know more, please write us at support@qcfivadodara.com.