Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) – Vadodara Chapter

QCFI Vadodara Chapter is actively functioning since 1988. We were one and only chapter in Gujarat state, till we initiated to open a sub-chapter in Ankleshwar in the year 2012, which subsequently become a chapter. In 2016, we again opened our wings and a Ahmedabad sub-chapter’s foundations were placed.

Late Shri R. G. Deolalikar and Secretary Ms. Sudha Arun Mujmudar founded Vadodara Chapter and it today it is the second oldest chapter in India. We have 12 members in Governing Council which is elected every year . We conduct Life Member’s Meet since 2006. This chapter has conducted 35 meetings for the members which is attended by a good number of life members. Our first AGM was conducted on 07 April, 1990 and is being conducted regularly. We together focus on propagation of QC concepts, in line with the guidance enumerated in our constitution, amongst the industries in Gujarat state.

In 2017 we have successfully catered 28 Annual Conventions and this year we are all readily occupied in planning and implementing our 29th Annual Convention. We have responsibly conducted National Level Convention in the year 2008 and a Gujarat state level convention in 1990.

As one of the chapter QCFI-Vadodara, always takes a note that it meets all the objective and caters the services in benefit of the participants and management. We started first TQM convention in the year 2004 and for last 14 years we are conducting TQM seminar/conclave. We feel delighted to mention that we are the only chapter conducting TQM seminar annually. This chapter has contributed its services in the remote villages & hospitals for implementation of 5’S’ and QC. Also supported other NGOs to successfully conduct social events. We publish our newsletters quarterly and till now we have issued 73 newsletters.

As rightly said “Charity begins at home” serving the valuable concept as Quality Circle, as a team practices clear communication, defines responsibilities, resolves conflicts positively, conduct picnics every year and sets goals.

QCFI Vadodara