Quality Circle Forum of India

Quality Circles were originally described by W. Edwards Deming in 1950s. No sooner was this concept developed and promoted. Quality Circles Forum of India came into existence in 1982 as a non-profit organization. The organization aimed to develop mutual trust and create greater understanding between the management and the workers. The organization is successfully implementing Quality concepts under the TQM umbrella, since years.

On 31st December 1982 the Quality Circle Forum of India was registered as a non-profit organization under AP Public Society’s Act with following Objectives.

  • To act as the nodal body for approving implementation of Quality Circle and other related concepts in organizations
  • To function as a common forum for discussion and dissemination of information related to Quality Circle and other quality concepts as part of TQM
  • To assist both individuals and organizations to launch and operate Quality Circles integrated with TQM
  • To sponsor research programs to further these concepts.
  • To improve, enrich and uplift the quality of work life and provide opportunities for self-development of members of the Quality Circle
  • To form chapters representing the QC forum and lay down policy guideline and procedures for their management, administration and proper functioning.
  • To cultivate and promote a high standard of ethics amongst its members
  • To associate with other National and International organizations engaged in similar pursuits

Quality Circle Forum of India takes pride in serving the mission since years

  • To impart training, knowledge and practice of Quality concepts and philosophy with special attention to Quality Circles in the organizations and enable people of our nation to face challenges and achieve success in this fierce competitive world.
  • To disseminate, share and keep abreast in the knowledge of Quality concepts.
  • To create Total Quality People.