Quality Circle Education Convention

Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen. Children are very important part of the society, they are the founding stones for the future. QCFI – Vadodara Chapter believes giving each child a sense of importance of their unique contribution, and the value of their involvement in the society will help them develop their confidence. With this idea, every year Quality Circle Education Convention are organized.

More than 400students/teachers/Guests participates every year in different activities such as case study presentations, debates elocution, collage, posters and slogans. Children are given a platform to perform solo and group songs and dance. Winning teams and participants were awarded with Trophies. Rest all the students were given Medals and participation certificates.

Such event add to the knowledge and information of the children and help them to develop the team leading and group participation skills. This enhances their focus and conviction in their hidden dreams for their tomorrow.

To know more about Education Convention, please write us at support@qcfivadodara.com