Quality Circle Conventions

Quality Circle Conventions are carried subsequently every year. The objective of Quality Circle Convention is to promote the theory of Quality Circles. To meet the idea of developing programs for leaders, facilitators and employees is extended to reach its ground level, cultivating high standards of ethics and morals.

As a nonprofit organization our Quality Circle Conventions caters all its participants’ felicitation, recognitions, altruistically encouraging those who have contributed significantly to the achievement of the objective of Quality Circle concepts. Every year convention add new knowledge and information and conviction of participants in Quality Circle concepts. We have successfully conducted 28 National Convention where we did our Nationallevel convention in 2008 and Gujarat State level convention in the year 1990.

There are various winners every year. Medals, trophies are given to the winners whereas return gifts and certificates are taken by every participant. Every year a new venue is planned and new theme is implemented. It is an experience to view the energy and innovative plans every participant shares. 28th Quality Circle Convention was organized in 2017 and this year its 29th Annual Convention.

To know more about registration and the process, you may please write us at support@qcfivadodara.com.

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