QCFI- Vadodara Chapter Learning and Development

Quality circles are typically more formal groups. They meet regularly on company time and are trained by competent persons (usually designated as facilitators) who may be personnel and industrial relations specialists trained in human factors and the basic skills of problem identification, information gathering and analysis, basic statistics, and solution generation.

Quality Circle helps the participant in various learning and development, it develops the problem solving capability, creates awareness for safety and cleanliness, reduces errors, enhances quality which ultimately leads to companies cost reduction and increases productivity. Merely following and enjoying the team work, the participants improves at his communication skills, leadership qualities which leads to their personal development.

It goes hand in hand work process where company and the employee both benefits and leads to growth and development. The candidates start developing an openness for learning new things and implementing and experiencing them. This leads to Change in Attitude from "I don’t care" to "I do care” Continuous improvement in quality of work life through humanization of work. Development of Team Spirit Individual vs. Team – "I could not do but we did it" Eliminate inter departmental conflicts.

For Learning all this and develop further various, Techniques used in the quality circle are:

  • Brain storming
  • Cause and effect diagram
  • Sampling and charting methods

Quality Circle hence aims at individual and group development. Quality Circles are not limited to manufacturing firms only. They are applicable for variety of organizations where there is scope for group based solution of work related problems. Quality Circles are relevant for factories, firms, schools, hospitals, universities, research institutes, banks, government offices etc.

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