Welcome to HR CSR Convention 2019

We are happy to inform you that many small and big corporate are participating in the second HR/CSR Convention organized by QCFI Vadodara Chapter on 16th November 2019.

1)    A unique feature of the HR/CSR Convention is to provide HR/CSR a quality platform to showcase their contribution in State, National and International level.

2)    To provide an expansion space to the participating teams scaling over the boundaries, to interact and learn how others do, what you do and how they do it.

3)    There are awards for all teams in different categories to ensure their exact co-ordinates in the state level.

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4)    As a token of appreciation, love and respect, QCFI provides a gift to all participants.

5)    The write up which is provided by the teams and the articles received from professionals are published in the compendium to create a spark of joy which inspires to excel.

6)    The participating teams learn how to present before the judges and show case what they want to. This instils confidence to discover the realities of teamwork.

7)    All professionals of HR/CSR fraternity can enjoy how the bright, smart and young professionals at times out smart them!!

8)    They can also become judges and evaluate the presentation and take part in panel discussion.