Quality Circle Forum of India - Vadodara Chapter assumes teamwork can be linked to three compounds, almost essential to modern life. Unity, Reliability and faith to get support. It's the glue which keeps a team together, a bond which promotes strength; the faith in each other. Our chairman and secretary have always together implemented various activities that helps enhancing teamwork. Whenever a new member joins, get together or a meet is planned where the member is introduced and noted to make comfortable with the Vadodara Chapter team. The member is not introduced formally but also various learning experiences are shared in such get together. We make a point that none of the subject is left unattended and rejoicing and cherishing all the members together share their memories too. We conduct picnics and various activities like knowledge sharing seminars, knowledge visits. We also conduct various activities which results a helping hand to other NGOs.

We believe this is the ultimate reason that helps us to stand firm as one of the second oldest chapter and the only chapter conducting TQM convention every year. This has helped us in stretching our wings and opening Ankleshwar and Ahmedabad chapters. We conduct Gujarat State Level Annual Quality Circle Convention (VCCQC), TQM conclave, Education (School) Conventions, General Meets awareness programmes. This year we have also put the founding stones for women. We have expanded our education wing to Education cum Women convention. Here we are inviting the women and giving them platform to be a part of this knowledge programme.

We propagate the quality circle and implement the same in the organisations and nurture the same quality circles by hand holding and continuous monitoring.

We also implement 5s in the organisation and nurture the same by handholding followed by subsequent audit and certifications.

We also conduct continuous quality and quality related programmes in different industries and also open programmes for all industries.

We conduct a monthly talk for all our life members in which we introduce new concepts of creativity and development.

Few very wise lines speaks, true care leads to efforts and not excuses. We wrap this thought by our tireless efforts to do something new and serve our objective as Quality Circle Forum of India - The Vadodara Chapter. This year it is not just women’s wing a new rising concept but we have also implement a whole new concept and activity making more innovative efforts for HR Team. This is recognition for the HR commendable efforts towards growth and development of every employees and management. We have made a modest beginning towards implementation of a HR Convention successfully catered under the chairmanship of Squ. Ldr. P Das and Secretary Mr. Aloke Kumar Chattoraj.